Raw vegan Indian food workshop

Dishes from the raw Indian workshop

Yesterday’s raw vegan Indian food workshop was great fun, and delicious. We made a wonderful feast, transforming the usually very-cooked traditional Indian dishes into lighter and healthier raw ones. On the menu:

Cauliflower biryani

Vegetable korma

Lentils in a tomato curry sauce

Saag aloo (spinach with potatoes, or in this case Jerusalem artichokes)

Cucumber mint raita (not pictured above)

Mango chutney (not pictured above)

Raw vegan Indian feast

After making all of that delicious food, we piled it onto our plates and tucked in. Earlier in the week, I’d taken a bit more time with plating the food to make it look pretty– the way we used to do in the kitchen at Pure Food and Wine. I tried two different ways to plate the cauliflower biryani (that’s rice for those not in the know) with mixed vegetables in a korma (coconut curry) sauce. Which do you like better?

Option 1: a mound of cauliflower "rice" topped with veggies, with a ring of sauce around it

Option 2: a mound of cauliflower "rice" topped with veggies, served over a layer of sauce

Of course, whichever way you plate it, the important thing is that the food is healthy and delicious. But it’s still fun to play around.

Keep an eye on the site for the May workshop schedule. There will be lots of fun classes coming up. And remember, we take requests, if there’s something you feel a burning desire to learn about.

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