Raw Tuesday recipes: falafels and chocolate chip cookies

Raw vegan falafels with parsnip cous cous

Both of this week’s menu items are amongst my favourite raw dishes, and both have featured on this site before. I must also confess that they are not my original recipes– the falafel is from Russell James (aka The Raw Chef) and the cookies are by Heathy Pace of Sweetly Raw. These two talented chefs are responsible for loads of wonderful raw recipes. I highly recommend checking out their websites and publications.

This week’s version of the falafel was served in a lettuce boat with veggies and a side of parsnip “cous cous”.

Raw vegan falafel with hummus and cous cous


1 batch of falafel patties (about 12-14, from the Raw Chef’s recipe here)

6 large lettuce leaves (e.g. cos/romaine or boston lettuce)

12 baby tomatoes, halved

12 slices of cucumber, halved or quartered

1/2 cup shredded red cabbage

1 large carrot, grated (or use peeler to make long strips)

a few leaves of fresh coriander/ cilantro

raw hummus (recipe previously posted here)

parsnip “cous cous” (recipe previously posted here)

Instructions: Place a large piece of lettuce on your plate. Add some of each of the vegetables, two falafel patties and a drizzle of raw hummus. Place a scoop of parsnip cous cous on the side and enjoy.

Raw vegan chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the dehydrator

Chocolate chip cookies

As I’ve mentioned before, this recipe comes from the Just Desserts e-book. It’s a great book full of amazing raw desserts. Without giving too much away, the main ingredients are cashews, almond flour, agave, coconut oil and cacao nibs. Yum! These cookies are too good to be true.

Raw vegan chocolate chip cookie

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