Raw Tuesday recipes: spicy Korean wrap and pear-pecan parfait

Raw vegan spicy Korean wrap with kim chi

As I mentioned when I posted the menu, this week’s dishes were inspired by two of the submissions to the Living Light video contest: Hot Raw Chef, 5 in 5. I’ve adapted them to varying degrees, and of course, added my own extras. I’m still perfecting the kim chi, so I’m not sharing the recipe yet, but you can find out more about it on the Body Ecology Diet website, which calls it one of the world’s 5 healthiest foods. As a fermented food, kim chi contributes to digestive health and to a strong immune system. At the moment my version is not quite as spicy as most traditional kim chi, and this batch could do with a few more days of fermenting. But it’s still delicious.

The spicy Korean wrap is filled with a pecan-based “ground beef”, spiced with spring onions (scallions), garlic, basil, sesame oil, tamari, lime juice and chili. It has matchstick carrots, pears and cucumbers on top, and is wrapped in lettuce.

Take-aways: raw vegan spicy Korean wraps

Pear-pecan parfait

Parfaits are pretty and can be varied infinitely, based on the ingredients you have available. This week I carried the pear and pecan flavours through from the main course, with a layer of pears (tossed in a little agave and lemon juice), a layer of pecan-date crumble (pulsed in food processor) and a layer of spiced cashew cream (cashews, water, agave, vanilla and cardamom). Yum! Look how pretty it is in a glass.

Raw vegan pear pecan parfait

Just a note about take-aways: Greenlands health shop in Parkview is closed for a few weeks for renovations, so I’ll be removing it from the list of collection points. It will be back on as soon as it reopens. In the mean time, Fresh Earth isn’t too far from there.

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