Vegan travel breakfast

fresh fruit for breakfast

Vegan breakfast options- raw and cooked- are in pretty good supply at big hotel breakfast buffets. This morning I had my choice of beautiful, fresh fruits– melon, pineapple, orange, grapefruit and naartjies (tangerines). I also had loads of options for cooked vegan breakfast…wheat bread, baked beans, roasted veggies, and fresh cucumber.

cooked vegan breakfast


In other words, I had a big feast for breakfast, plenty of food to sustain me until lunchtime without dipping into any of my raw snacks.

In fact, sometimes it seems that breakfast is the most vegan-friendly meal offered at a hotel. Shame they don’t offer the breakfast buffet all day.

No raw Tuesday recipes today, but I’ll refer you to the energy bar recipes I provided as links in yesterday’s post. They’re great– I highly recommend that you try them out.

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