Vegan travel: Nairobi

wheatgrass carrot and apple juice

Hello from Nairobi. I thought I’d continue the vegan travel series, since it seems fairly popular. I’d guess some readers might be surprised that a picture of a wheatgrass, carrot and apple juice appears at the top of this post, but fresh juice is abundant in Nairobi. Since lots of delicious fruit grows here, there are juice stalls all over town.

Absolute Juice menu, Nairobi

The juice in the picture, however, comes from Absolute Juice at the Yaya centre (a big mall, essentially), where they do smoothies, green juices, salads and sandwiches. Check out the menu, above. I was thrilled, and gulped this baby down in no time.

Daal (lentils)

Nairobi also has a large population of Indian descent, so there are loads of Indian restaurants. There are even dhosa places– one of my favourite South Indian foods– but sadly I didn’t manage to visit any of those on this brief trip.

Soy latte at the Java House

I did, of course, manage to visit the Java House, a chain of coffee shops that is basically Kenya’s version of Starbucks. Some locations (like the Yaya centre branch) have soy milk, so I enjoyed a soy latte made with delicious Kenyan coffee. Kenya is known for it’s excellent coffee (and tea) and this one didn’t disappoint.

breakfast, part 1: fruits

As usual, my posh hotel had plenty of vegan food for breakfast. The fruit was rather unimpressive, considering what’s available on the streets. The cooked breakfast options were a little more impressive, and one of my favourite veggies made an appearance– kale!

vegan breakfast, part 2: cooked

That’s right, kale not just popular with raw foodists, it’s part of Kenyan cuisine. It’s called sukuma wiki in kiSwahili, and it was sauteed with onions on the breakfast buffet. They also had roti (flatbread), baked beans, roasted sweet potato, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes. Basically a feast.

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the lovely Korean lunch I had at Han Kook (or Hong Kook). They made a delicious vegetarian bi bim bap, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. You’ll have to imagine that one. More coming soon. How do you fare when traveling and trying to eat vegan?

Nairobi street art about the elections

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