Fresh food from the garden

Giant mustard greens!

Somehow, food always tastes better when you grow it yourself. Sadly, the food I refer to in this post is not from my garden (which at the moment consists of a tiny patch with a kale plant and a marogo/ amaranth plant… but more on that another day). It’s from the huge and impressive garden of some friends who very generously invited me over to “harvest” some fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. What a treat! After seeing the amazing work they’ve done, I am doubly inspired to get my gloves on and grow something.

I dug right in and harvested mustard greens, mixed lettuces, rocket, herbs (basil, parsley), squash blossoms, plums and blackberries (these got harvested straight into my mouth and didn’t make it home with me).
Naturally I stuffed the squash blossoms- no deep frying though. I just filled them with a macadamia cheese (seasoned with Maldon smoked salt, paprika, nutritional yeast and a little lemon juice). Delicious! They reminded me of the squash blossoms that were on the menu while I was in the kitchen at Pure Food and Wine.

"Thanksgiving" salad and stuffed squash blossoms

I used the mixed lettuces in a Thanksgiving-inspired salad, with microgreens, pecan nuts, pears and a cranberry citrus dressing. Yum!

I also whipped up a cucumber-grape gazpacho– one of my all-time favourite raw summer soups. So light and subtle.

Cucumber-grape gazpacho

And for dessert, plum crumble with a pecan-date crumble and a maple cashew cream.

raw vegan plum crumble

What a fabulous lunch! More pics and recipes coming soon. And many many thanks to my lovely and talented gardening friends for sharing this bounty with me.

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