Fresh from the garden, part 2

Continuing on the theme of food I made from the fresh fruit and veg I harvested from my friends’ garden, here’s a wrap I made out of the gigantic mustard greens I picked. In case you didn’t see the pictures from the last post, here’s the mustard leaf overflowing over the edges of my dinner plate.

huge mustard leaf

I added lots of delicious fillings: avocado, carrots, sprouted lentils, rocket (arugula), yellow peppers, macadamia cheese and dulse flakes.

Mustard leaf with lots of fillings

Then I rolled it up like a burrito and sliced it in half. Delicious! It was filling, a little spicy, and had a lovely mix of tastes and textures.

Mustard leaf wrap

My delicious mustard leaf wrap

And then for dessert, I used the fresh-picked plums, with some leftover cashew cream and pecan crumble. Perfect little bites of sweetness.

Mini plum crumble bites

Two days’ worth of delicious meals, fresh from the garden. Nothing tastes quite as good as home-grown organic fruit and veg. Moral of the story…. get out of the house and grow something! I am very inspired, and will share some stories of my gardening (mis)adventures in the near future. I will also try to provide some options for those who don’t have yard space– Joburg has some places where you can rent plots, or even nurseries where people will grow things for you. Watch this space.

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