Vegan travel: Buenos Aires, Argentina (part 2)

Fruit and vegetable stall, Buenos Aires

As I mentioned, Buenos Aires caters fairly well for vegans, despite the abundance of meat.

Dinner at Kensho, Buenos Aires

My favourite vegan restaurant was Kensho, which had both raw and cooked options, all delicious and beautifully presented. I really wanted to get the 5 course tasting menu, but decided that might be overdoing it a little. So instead, here’s what I got (or sampled off other people’s plates).

First we were offered an amuse bouche of pickled broccoli. I loved the tartness of it– just perfect. Then for a starter, we had a trio of dips with dehydrated flax crackers. There was a carrot mousse (or foam, as they called it) that was light and flavourful, a black bean dip and a sunflower seed-rocket tapenade, accompanied by different flavours of flax crackers. They were all delicious.

Trio of dips with raw flax crackers

For my main course, I got the mushroom burger. It came with mashed potatoes and a mustard sauce. It was very rich and quite meaty.

Mushroom burger with mashed potatoes

My friend got the tabbouleh salad, which was made with quinoa and had a little falafel ball on the side.

Quinoa tabbouleh

And of course, I had to try out the raw pizza.

Raw pizza @ kensho

When I have the pleasure of dining at a vegan restaurant, I’m usually overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. Usually I am lucky to find one vegan option on a menu in South Africa, so choosing from a whole vegan menu can be daunting– mostly because I want to try everything. Kensho kindly offers a dessert sampler plate, that has all of their dessert options on it. Yay!

Kensho dessert sampler

Clockwise from top left, that’s a piece of raw strawberry cheesecake, a baby scoop of raw ginger ice cream, a gluten-free brownie, a baby scoop of raw chocolate ice cream and in the centre, a raw napoleon (coconut base, chocolate ganache, raw ice cream and fresh fruit), which was definitely my favourite. So delicious, and so wonderful to get to taste everything. If you’re ever in Buenos Aires, I highly recommend Kensho.

The most raw-friendly option in BA is definitely Buenos Aires Verde. They have raw ice cream, raw chocolates, crackers, etc etc. Sadly, I didn’t get to eat a meal there, but I did stop by one afternoon for a snack– ice cream, of course. They also have a lot of products for sale.

Buenos Aires Verde- cafe and shop

Dessert case @ Buenos Aires Verde

I’ve been experimenting with raw ice cream made from avocado– in Brazil, avo is generally used in sweet desserts, and in Ethiopia it’s served in fresh juices. So far, my avo chocolate ice cream is delicious but not perfect, the avo mint chocolate chip is pretty good, and the avo lime needs a little work. So of course I was very keen to try out the avocado ice cream. I got one scoop each of avocado and chocolate raw ice creams. The verdict– chocolate was great, avo was so-so.

raw avocado & chocolate ice cream

I should have said that Buenos Aires Verde was the most raw-friendly cafe– since there is a vegan/ raw meal delivery service in Buenos Aires called Cocina Verde. Not too different from the old Tuesday take-aways from Jozi Uncooked. There’s a menu of several vegan and raw items available for each week– you place your order and then it’s delivered right to your door. Kara, the brains behind the operation, gave me a tour of her kitchen and told me all about the raw scene in Buenos Aires. She also gave me a delicious raw burger to try. Thanks Kara!

Kara in the kitchen, Cocina Verde

Raw burger from Cocina Verde

I also ate at Artemisia, a vegetarian restaurant with two locations. The menu was not quite as vegan-friendly as I might have liked, but there were a few dishes to choose from. I went for a giant salad with fresh greens, roasted veggies, quinoa and avo. Sadly, I don’t have the picture, but I’ll add it later if I find it.

Another vegetarian restaurant I tried was Bio. They had a few raw options on the menu, in addition to the cooked vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian options. Again, I went for a big salad, along with a raw brownie and a raw tart. Again, I’ll have to add the pics later.

While not exclusively vegetarian, Meraviglia is an organic cafe that has some nice fresh veggie options. I had a sandwich with greens, tofu and veggies on a gluten-free flatbread. Very tasty.

Veg and tofu sandwich at Meraviglia

Once again, this post has reached absurd lengths, but I wanted to be sure you got a taste of the lovely vegan food I had in Buenos Aires. What’s your favourite vegan meal you’ve had while traveling?


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