Upcoming workshop, 30 August 2012: Turkish meze

Turkish meze feast

As you will know if you read my earlier post on vegan travel in Turkey, I was quite impressed by the abundance of vegan-friendly, healthy, locally-grown, seasonal meze on offer there. Meze, for those who don’t know, are small plates (think tapas) of salads and other dishes (both warm and cold) that are often served before or alongside a fish meal. For a vegan, they can easily make a whole meal in themselves. And for an indecisive vegan, they are a blessing, since they’re small enough portions that you don’t have to select just one.

Naturally, that led me to do some research, dig up some recipes and try my best to recreate some of the delicious dishes I ate in Turkey. And now I’m going to pass that information on to you.

This workshop will involve cooking some wonderful vegan meze that can be enjoyed all together, as meze, or can be made into separate meals if you prefer. We will use traditional ingredients such as peppers, brinjals (eggplant/ aubergine), beans, bulgur and rice.

Note: this is not a raw workshop– we will be doing some serious cooking. It will also involve gluten, which the raw workshops do not. Be warned.

The workshop will be in Observatory JHB on 30th August 2012 at 18:30 sharp. The cost is R250, which includes participation, recipe booklet and a feast. Advance booking required. Email joziuncooked -at- gmail -dot- com to reserve your place.

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