Two 5-day raw vegan detoxes in June

raw vegan polenta stack with portobello mushroom and greens
We’ll be offering two 5-day raw detoxes in June, so you’ll have two chances to enjoy 5 days of nutritious, cleansing foods. They will be June 3-7th and June 24-28th.
The detox gives your body a break from the toxic, processed foods we usually eat, and provides it with loads of nutrients to support its natural detoxifying functions.
Raw vegan banh mi
Each day you receive all of your meals– a delicious bag of gourmet raw food, including breakfast, snack, lunch, juice and supper. You choose between morning (before 9am) and evening (after 6pm) deliveries. All you have to do is enjoy the good food– we make it, and your body takes care of the rest. The food is all vegan, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free. We do our best to meet special dietary needs, as long as you let us know in advance. The cost is R1500 plus delivery charges– send us your delivery address and we’ll calculate those for you. Bookings close on the Thursday before the detox begins, so don’t wait to sign up.
There will also be a couple of classes in June. More on that soon.

raw vegan almond feta with crackers and figs

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