Raw take-away #11: Asian vegetable wraps with satay sauce & raw apple pie

This week’s take-away was something fairly simple, so it will be easy for you to make it at home. But it looks so beautiful that if you serve it to people they’ll think you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen. And on top of that, it’s very healthy and low in fat– it uses fewer nuts than some raw food recipes. Not that we’re monitoring fat here at Jozi (Un)cooked. The main course was raw vegetable wraps with satay sauce, and dessert was apple pie.

Raw vegetable wraps

carrot, shredded

baby marrows (zucchini, courgette), julienned

baby corn, sliced thin

sweet potato or yam, julienned

mushrooms, sliced thin

mung bean sprouts

red cabbage, shredded

spring onions, sliced

Spinach leaves, washed and de-stemmed

Satay sauce (see below)


sesame oil

lime juice

dash of tamari (or Braggs aminos)

dash of Himalayan salt

Instructions: Mix marinade ingredients in a large, flat container. Add veggies (up to mushrooms) and marinate overnight if possible. Do not marinate the red cabbage, mung bean sprouts or spring onions. You want them to be crisp (and not to dye the other vegetables pink). Save spinach as this is for wrapping.

Veggies and satay sauce on spinach leaf

Place a spinach leaf flat on your work space. If the leaves are very big, you can cut them in half (vertically) when you de-stem them. If they are small, cut out most of the stem but leave the top of the leaf connected. Place a spoon or two of veggies at the base of the spinach leaf. Top with a little satay sauce (see recipe below) and roll up.

Raw Asian vegetable wraps with satay sauce

Satay sauce – For the satay, I used the pad thai sauce on this site. I made a few slight changes- himalayan salt instead of tamari, and raw soaked almonds instead of almond butter. This sauce is delicious- you can use it on raw noodles, on salads or as a dip.

Raw apple pie

I borrowed this recipe from Heathy, the reigning queen of raw desserts. You can find it on her blog here. I modified it slightly, by substituting dates for the raisins. I also used a little extra cinnamon, in the pie and the crust, as well as a pinch of nutmeg. I think adding soaked raisins in later, whole, would be a nice touch.  This pie is way better than a classic baked apple pie. You can make one pie, or several mini pies.

Raw apple pie

And by the way, Jozi (Un)cooked now has new branding. Here’s a peek at the graphic on the take-away postcard:

The new graphic on the take-away postcard

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