Johannesburg's second raw vegan potluck

The second raw food potluck outshone the first one. I’d say about 40 people attended the potluck, which was held at the Greenside Cafe on Thursday, May 13th. The place was packed, and the buffet table overflowed with gorgeous raw food. It was a really special event, and a wonderful chance for raw foodies to meet, and for those new to or interested in raw food to see the incredible variety available.

the potluck table

The table was so long, it hardly fit into one photo! And it was packed with raw goodies. I brought raw spring rolls with two dipping sauces: spicy paw paw (papaya) sauce and satay sauce.

Raw spring rolls

If you are interested in coming to the next raw food potluck, you can join the facebook group, the raw luck club, or keep an eye on this site. I will send out details as soon as they are available. Remember, everyone is welcome, but you need to bring a raw food dish to the potluck.

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