Another fun raw vegan uncooking class, 25 July

Yesterday we had a great raw vegan uncooking class. A wonderful group came to learn more about raw vegan food preparation. Everyone had a chance to get their hands dirty making a delicious three-course meal.

Participants at the workshop helped make all the dishes

On the menu:

Starter: Marinated mushrooms stuffed with basil-spinach pesto

Basil-spinach pesto stuffed mushrooms

Main course: raw vegetable pasta tricolore with creamy red pepper sauce. We used sweet potato (orange), zucchini/baby marrow/courgette (green) and parsnip (white) for the noodles.

raw pasta, buried under fresh spinach and baby tomatoes

Since you can’t really see the pasta under all the toppings, here’s another shot. Sadly, it seems I didn’t get a shot of the pasta smothered in the creamy red pepper sauce. Sorry.

Sweet potato and zucchini/ baby marrow/ courgette pasta

And our heavenly dessert: Chocolate orange bars:

Raw vegan chocolate orange bars

That was the whole tray of bars, here’s what one piece looks like (after a bite or two).

raw vegan chocolate orange bar

If you missed the workshop and your mouth is watering from the pictures, don’t worry. You can order chocolate orange bars as part of tomorrow’s raw Tuesday take-away. Just a few hours left to get your orders in. Of course, it will be a new batch of bars, since we licked the platter clean at the workshop yesterday.

There will be another raw vegan uncooking workshop coming up soon. In addition to the usual format of a three-course meal, I will be offering a raw vegan “dairy” workshop– we’ll make nut-milk, various “cheeses”, etc. Keep watching this space.

Just to let you all know, I will also be offering a series of vegan cooking classes in the next few months. We’ll be cooking dishes from different countries/ regions at each workshop. Some of the planned classes include: Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern, West African, Chinese and Indian. If you have any requests for types of vegan food you’d like to learn to make, just send a comment and I’ll try to add your suggestion to the list.

Enjoying our 3-course raw vegan meal

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