Raw Tuesday take-aways: menu for 31 August

I have gone a bit dehydrator crazy of late. I have tried to avoid this, since I naturally gravitate towards breads and other not-so-healthy baked goods. I figured keeping even the healthier raw versions of these out of my diet would be good for getting rid of the cravings. But alas, dehydrated breads and crackers have stormed the kitchen of late, and this week’s take-away includes one of them– a delicious raw, vegan, gluten-free brown bread.

Main course: Not-tuna salad sandwich: a delicious sunflower seed-based tuna salad with fresh veggies on dehydrated (gluten-free) “brown bread”. Served with a side salad. R50
Dessert: Caramel-filled brownie: a chocolate brownie with a date caramel filling. Tastes too good to be good for you. R20

How it works:
Please email joziuncooked[at]gmail.com to place your order. Let us know how many main courses and desserts you want. We will send payment details. Once your payment is received, your order is confirmed.
All orders must be in by Monday, 30 August at 12:00. Pick-up is on Tuesday, 31 August from 12:00-14:00 in Observatory, or 17:00-19:00 in Melville. Alternative arrangements also available upon request. Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary needs.

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