Welcome and changes

The move is complete! A supposedly easy migration from the old site, www.joziuncooked.wordpress.com to the new site, www.joziuncooked.com, turned out to be much more complicated than anticipated (why is that not a surprise?). Getting the subscriptions across was a serious mission. As I mentioned before, we are now hosted by Green Geeks, on a wind-powered server. How cool is that? Now that the migration is finally done (or at least really close…I am still updating links), I wanted to welcome you to the new site and let you know about some changes (improvements) that will be happening over the next month or two.

First off, if you are a subscriber, you will be able to choose whether you subscribe to all posts, or just to certain posts, e.g. the weekly raw take-away menu or events.

In addition, I will be adding a new page, A to Z of ingredients, which will include pictures, descriptions, preparation advice and (for Joburgers) where to purchase the ingredient. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for people new to raw foods and overwhelmed by the long list of strange new ingredients (Irish moss anyone? Wakame? Maca?)

I also plan to fill up the Resources page with a lot more information. Currently it has a few books that I highly recommend, for information on a raw and/or vegan diet, recipes, etc. You can click on the links to purchase the books. I am going to be adding more resources, and not only books– I will also include some information on kitchen equipment, hopefully with links to purchase it as well. If there are other resources you’d like me to cover, just let me know.

You may have noticed the new “Contact” tab. It’s an easy way to get in touch, if you have questions about our services, or about a recipe, or anything else.

Finally, I’ll be adding a recipe index. Currently you can browse by category (e.g. raw food, recipes, breakfast) or you can search for a term (e.g. guacamole), but I know it will be easier to find just the right dish with a recipe index.

Please bear with us as we implement these changes. They will definitely make the site better, but there will probably be some hiccups along the way.

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