Video about Bill Clinton’s health turn-around on a plant-based diet

I try to make most of the content on this site my own, but this video is a great, very brief summary of the benefits of a plant-based diet. And you can see the results.

In 2004, Former President Bill Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery. In February of 2010, Clinton’s bypass failed, and surgeons installed two stents inside the clogged vein, in order to prop open the cholesterol-filled passage. At that point, he decided to change his life. If a former President known for his love of burgers and fried food can do it, anyone can!

In this clip from a CNN interview, Former President Bill Clinton explains how he has adopted a plant-based diet to lose weight and reverse his heart disease. Doctors Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn explain the links between a plant-based diet and a healthy heart. Their work inspired Clinton to change the way he eats, with dramatic results.

Doctors explain Bill Clinton’s plant-based diet

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