Raw Tuesday recipes: lasagna and superfood truffles

This was a bumper week for take-aways. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the lasagna (always a winner) or because of the new Bryanston collection point (Fruits and Roots), but for some reason everybody wanted a raw vegan take-away today. And I was more than happy to oblige, especially since lasagna is one of my favourites. It was equally popular the first time I offered it as a take-away, nearly a year ago. Lucky for me, I learned some new lasagna-making techniques while I was training at Pure Food & Wine, so it was a breeze to make 17 portions (!).

I’ve posted the lasagna recipe, with pictures, before, so there’s no need to repeat it–unfortunately, with the migration to the new site some of the early posts vanished (go figure), but you can still find the recipe here, on the old site. In case you’re wondering about the new technique, the trick is to use pastry bags to pipe the different fillings (macadamia cream, tomato sauce and pesto) onto the vegetable “noodles”. Makes a world of difference.

Raw vegan lasagna assembly-- the magic of pastry bags

raw vegan lasagna assembly, 2nd layer

Raw vegan lasagna, fully assembled

For dessert, superfood truffles. I found this recipe online and have become a bit obsessed. These are easy, delicious and good for you. Win-win-win.

Raw vegan superfood truffles

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