Say cheese!

Or rather un-cheese. No, it’s not about photography. Jozi Uncooked is now offering delicious herbed cashew “cheese” spread. Think Boursin, that delicious spreadable cheese with herbs, or herbed cream cheese. Only this one is raw, vegan, healthy and incredibly delicious.

This cheese is cultured. That means it has probiotics in it, and it is fermented so that good bacteria develop. The fermentation process causes the production of enzymes and strains of bacteria which are beneficial for human health.

You can find the cheese at Fruits and Roots in Bryanston and at Greenlands in Parkhurst. It’s also for sale at the Market on Main on Sundays. It is incredible on flax crackers, like the ones from Sprouts Kitchen, or any dehydrated bread. It’s also delicious on “real” bread, for those who eat it. Or try it on slices of cucumber or other vegetables. Roll it up in a marinated brinjal (aubergine/eggplant) or use it to fill raw ravioli (it’s great with sweet potato, or beetroot, or marrow/courgette/zucchini ravioli). Then again, you can just eat it on a spoon, straight out of the container. It’s that tasty.

Raw cashew cheese and mushroom sandwich on dehydrated brown bread

Here’s a little information on cultured raw foods, from Angela Eliot, the author of “Alive in 5″. …

“Raw cultured foods are unheated and fermented using friendly bacteria to help proliferate lactobacilli, healthful micro-flora. This healthful bacteria helps to break down sugars and starches in our bodies, aiding the intestines and pancreas in proper digestion.

Cultured foods help to repopulate the digestive tract, help the body to be more alkaline, and greatly decrease cravings for sweets or deserts. Cultured foods are “super foods” because they are partially digested, so the nutrients are readily available with little work for your body.

Cultured foods actually add to the enzyme stores of your body. In addition, they help restore balance if your body is in a toxic, acidic condition. Besides providing an abundance of friendly bacteria, these enzyme-rich foods are a high-quality, alkaline, expansive food, which balances out the foods that make us crave acid-forming sugars.”

There you have it folks. The cheese is delicious and good for you. It’s suitable for raw foodists, vegans, the lactose intolerant, people watching their cholesterol, etc. Give it a try.

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