Pat on the back

Jozi Uncooked has just been honoured with an award. The blog was selected as one of “a list of exceptional resources that can point you in the right direction when looking to begin a raw food diet. Being a selected resource means that your blog not only provides trustworthy information, but also stays on the cutting edge in terms of technology, trends, and news. Your blog goes the extra mile to provide this information to your readers, and that commitment to your blog is recognized by our inclusion of your resource.”

To be honest, I don’t know much about Treadmill Reviews, the people who selected Jozi Uncooked for the “Extra Mile” award, but it’s nice to be recognised. Apparently it’s a treadmill reviewing site, with a section of featured resources that cover a broader range of health- and fitness-related issues. And Jozi Uncooked is in good company on that list– there are some really great sites there, that I highly recommend.

I promise to keep providing recipes, shopping tips and other raw and vegan food related info, and also to add more resources that will help readers in SA and elsewhere eat healthier. Watch out for contests in the near future too.
Click on the button below to see the full list of featured raw food blogs.

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