Raw Tuesday recipes: burgers with kale chips

A lot of people who eat raw food are drawn to it for health reasons, or because of food allergies or intolerances that rule out a lot of cooked and processed, non-vegan foods. Sometimes these allergies don’t stop with non-raw, non-vegan foods. That means that creating take-aways or catered meals for raw food enthusiasts can sometimes be complicated, if you have to accommodate a number of different special dietary requirements. This was one of those weeks. So while the official menu was sprouted lentil burgers on cornbread (mealie bread) with barbecue kale chips, I ended up serving several different variations…. all of them tasty, if I may say so myself. And by experimenting with different ingredient combinations to meet everyone’s needs, you sometimes discover new recipes and new meals that are even better than the ones you started with.

Option 1: Raw vegan lentil burger with teriyaki sauce on cornbread with barbecue kale chips

Lentil burgers

The sprouted lentil patties were adapted from this recipe. Keep in mind that you need to start soaking and sprouting your lentils  2-3 days before you plan to serve the burgers, as you’ll need to soak them overnight, sprout them at least 12 hours (preferably more) and dehydrate the burgers overnight. I recommend halving the recipe, as it makes a LOT of patties.

Teriyaki sauce

The teriyaki sauce on the burgers is adapted from this recipe. It’s an amazingly delicious and versatile sauce. I love it over raw (or lightly steamed) veggies, as a  dip for raw sushi, or on burgers like these. For those who can’t eat pineapple, there’s this sauce as an alternative, which also goes very well with the lentil burgers:

Green goddess sauce

This recipe is wonderful as a salad dressing, as a dip for vegetable crudités, or on burgers. It’s also good to use on kale chips, which is the original intent in the recipe. I used it three ways this week: I put a dollop on burgers (instead of teriyaki), I used some to make kale chips (instead of barbecue), and I used it as dressing on a massaged kale salad. Delicious all 3 ways.

Option 2: Raw vegan lentil burger with teriyaki sauce, served with massaged kale salad

Sadly I don’t have a picture of option 3, which had the green goddess dressing on the burger, and on the kale chips.

For dessert, energy bars. I’m still searching for the perfect recipe, and I have lots of experiments lined up for the coming weeks. These are tasty and very satisfying, given their high protein content and nutrient density. I left out the chocolate topping to make them a little healthier and easier to pop into your bag and carry around as a snack on busy days. They still have cacao nibs and goji berries in them, to give them a bit more flavour and sweetness. But as much as I like them, I want to make a nut-free energy bar. I’ve made this one before and found it delicious but a bit crumbly. In fact, it worked really well as granola. I plan to continue experimenting until I find or invent the perfect raw vegan energy bar. Stay tuned.

Raw vegan energy bars

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