Recipe Index

All recipes are raw unless otherwise indicated, and all recipes are vegan. Sometimes you’ll need to scroll down to find the recipe on the linked page. I have not included posts that link to other people’s recipes in this list, so you might want to use the search box on the right if you think you’ve seen a recipe that isn’t listed here.

Raw vegan appetizers and snacks


Herbed almond cheese


Red pepper and sun-dried tomato dip

Sunflower seed pate in spinach wraps

Tomato salsa


Raw vegan salads & sides

Asian rainbow salad with mango sauce

Big green salad with tahini-herb dressing

Falafel salad

Kale salad with tahini dressing

Not-tuna salad

Persimmon, pomegranate and pear salad with citrus dressing

Tabbouleh salad

Un-chicken salad with red pepper dressing

Raw vegan main courses

Asian pesto noodles

Beet ravioli with ricotta filling and pesto dressing

Brinjal (eggplant/aubergine) manicotti with spinach-ricotta filling

Chili (vegetable stew)

Fajita sandwich with salsa and cashew sour cream

Fetucine alfredo

Greek pizza

Kung pao lettuce cups


Mexican pizza

Mexican tacos

Moroccan cous cous with date sauce

Pad Thai

Pasta pesto

Pesto stuffed mushrooms with parsnip mashed potatoes

Sesame noodles with vegetables (slight variation of kelp noodles with sesame ginger sauce here)

Shepherd’s pie v 1.0/ Shepherds pie v 2.o

Spinach quiche

Sun garden burgers (from raw chef Nomi Shannon)

Sushi with tamarind sauce

Vegetable coconut curry with spicy parsnip rice

Vegetable ravioli with macadamia ricotta filling and marinara sauce

Vegetable satay wraps


Raw vegan desserts

Banana soft serve ice cream

Basic raw chocolate

Carrot cake (using carrot juice pulp)

Cherry almond bars

Cherry fig bars

Chocolate halva

Chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate orange bars

Chocolate snowballs/ date nut balls

Cranberry orange bars

Fig bites

Fruit tart

Key lime pie

Mango mousse pie

Mexican spiced brownies

Pear crisp

Persimmon pie/ persimmon tartlets

Plum tart

Strawberry cream pie

Strawberry surprise (brownie with strawberry filling)

White chocolate with green tea and goji berries


Fresh fig salad dressing

Grapefruit poppy seed salad dressing

Lemon dill salad dressing

Sweet miso dressing