This site is about raw and vegan life in Johannesburg, or Jozi as we affectionately call it. It has recipes, restaurant reviews and other vegan and raw food-related information and resources.

I am a long-time vegan, now enjoying a high raw diet. I love food– cooking it, eating it, reading about it, looking at pictures, and anything else you can do with food. If you share my love of food, and my belief that what you eat matters (to your health and that of the planet), then this site is for you.

For those based in Joburg, Jozi (Un)cooked offers cooking classes, vegan and raw vegan catering, 5-day raw detoxes and a 3-day juice cleanse. We also offer personal chef services, specialty raw foods and menu planning assistance. See the “Services” page for more info, or contact us at joziuncooked @ gmail.com for more information (remove the extra spaces when e-mailing).

Media coverage

The Lifestyle Show with Michelle Constant on SAFM, Feedback segment, 12 August 2017.

Horizons Magazine (British Airways), September 2012 “Go lentil into that good night”  (download here)

“Johannesburg Raw Food” on e-news channel, aired May 2012. Watch the video here (Jozi Uncooked comes on about halfway through the clip)

“12 Days of Christmas” with Anna Trapido on the Jenny Crwys-Wiliams show on Radio 702 on 2 December 2011. Read a summary here.

“Jozi, raw, vegan and (un)cooked” on Beauty in Balance (read here)

Friday Mix with Jenny Crwys-Williams on Radio 702 on 25 February 2011. Listen to the interview here and read the recipe for strawberry & chocolate parfait here.

“Secret Santa” with Anna Trapido, on the Jenny Crwys-Williams Show, Talk Radio 702 on 10th December, 2010. Read a summary here.

Horizons Magazine (British Airways), December 2010 “Raw Passion” (download here)

City Press, Sunday 23 May 2010 “Raw Passion” (read here and click on recipe link too)

Eat Out website, article on raw food in Johannesburg, March 2010 (read here)

Afternoon Talk on SAFM, 18 February 2010 (Listen here)


“Initially I joined the week in support of my daughter (I was also a little bit sceptical about the process) but after completing the week, I have never felt so ‘light and free from a swollen tummy’ and generally a feeling of wellbeing! …Your meals have truly inspired me to relook at a lot of my eating habits… Thank you so much for the lovely food provided this week.  It was all delicious.” –Caryn, July 2017 (5 day detox)

“Today’s breakfast was absolutely the best breakfast I’ve ever had! It was unbelievably divine tasting, I’m in awe of your skills Brittany, you’re awesome!…Thank you for all your efforts this week, it truly has been an amazing food week. ” –Lindsay, January 2016 (5 day detox)

“Thanks for the lovely, special week I had.  I am basking in the after-effects and enjoying every moment.  My body has now had a glimpse of what feeling great feels like, I don’t want to lose that, so I will continue as best I can. … Once again, thank you for everything, especially for being the catalyst for my health and well-being as well as sparking that inner wisdom of taking accountability for myself. … I am now a nicer person (especially to myself).  Amazing what correct nutrition does.”–AB, November 2015 (5 day detox)

“It was a great experience for me. Thanks for your excellent work and helping heal the world through healing us!”–Tanya, March 2015 (5 day detox)

“Thank you so much for organizing such a healthy experience for me. You made it easy with the delivery of the juices.  I loved that they came in glass bottles, labeled and with the little menu everyday so I  knew exactly what I was drinking. … I have lost some weight but my main reason to do the cleanse was to clean and detox my body…now I feel much better, healthier and lighter. After the cleanse my sugar craving is non existent. I hope this will help me to choose what I eat better from now on. I think is an awesome idea!!”–María Murillo, January 2015

“Thanks very much for all the effort you put into bringing healthy and delicious meals during the 5 day detox. I’ve lost 3 kgs in the 5 days; my skin became much better, it was smooth and clear; my eyes became more clear as well; MY ENERGY LEVELS WERE UP!!! EVERY DAY OF THE DETOX!!! …I must tell you that even knowing so much by now about raw food, it is very convenient for a mother of 2 with little time to have someone like you to do what you do. If I was millionaire, I would do your detox every single time!!!! No doubt about that!!! Keep the good work because it is worth it! —Elsa Rocha Broers, November 2014.

The juice cleanse was amazing! The effects were much more intense than I ever expected and I felt really amazing! The flavours were all absolutely delicious and it felt like the perfect amount for one day. I could have even had one more in a day. I would definitely do it again and am planning on getting my own juicer. — 3-day juice cleanse participant, October 2014.

“On the 9th of December [before the detoxes] I did blood tests at the doctor, my rheumatoid factor was 33 (normal range 0-30). On Friday, last day of your detox, I had blood work redone, rheumatoid factor down to 12.4!!!” After the first 5-day detox, I could fit a ring on my finger that I hadn’t been able to put on in years, because of the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. –D.E, March 2012

“Brittany made magic – converting simple to amazing!… If you love food, love to eat and love your health then Brittany’s Jozi (Un) cooked: A Raw and Vegan Food Company is a MUST!” –workshop participant Satya Bhat, February 2011 (read the full review of the workshop here).

“I contacted Brittany of Jozi Uncooked and the experience was really great. She helped me decide on a menu and produced amazing looking (and tasting!) food …It was really a great collection of tastes and colours! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the really great food.”  Click on this link to read the rest of the blog post by satisfied customer Andrea. Jozi Uncooked prepared a 3-course raw and cooked vegan meal for a special family occasion.

“I had vegan cakes from Brittany, completely out of this world” –Phido Thage, July 2010.

“The workshop was fabulous. It was also amazing to see how you’ve managed to do so much in getting Jozi Uncooked going and yet still keep everything so simple.”–Roshen Moodley, workshop participant.